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Employee Discount Programs For Employers

These days, employees are looking for more than just a job – Employees want to be engaged and included. With competing organizations out there offering the cutting edge ancillary benefits that they are, you have to stay relevant in the market. The workforce is moving towards more non-traditional employee benefits and keeping your staff happy and healthy is the key to employee retention.


You need to include more than just the basic supplemental insurance offerings in your voluntary benefits package. Often times, living where you work can be expensive. Offering home discounts to your employees means they cut down on monthly costs, making it easier for them to stay close to work, cutting down their commute, or giving remote employees a deal on the internet services they need for work, all the while keeping a little extra in their pocket every month, which – Who doesn’t love?

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Adding another benefit into your corporate perks package may seem daunting, but with Connect Your Benefits, it’s simple. We integrate with the HR Technology you are already utilizing. Our employee discount portal can be hosted wherever you are posting your corporate perks:


  • Post it on your Intranet or SharePoint
  • Blast it in your HCM newsfeed
  • Add it to your internal email newsletter
  • Include it in your onboarding process
  • Spread the word during Open Enrollment

Your employees simply sign in to your customized portal, enter their zip code, and all of the available employee perk programs offered in their area will be available to them. We take care of all the tracking and updates, so it’s zero maintenance on your part. Instead of handing you a system you need to constantly manage, we give you a simple link to a customized employee discount portal. This way you can post, send, distribute, and then just leave it.

Enroll your organization today!

Joining the EDP is free for your organization and your employees or members

Enroll your organization today!

Joining the employee discount program is free for your organization and your employees or members

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